Thursday, June 8, 2017

Welcome to Second Grade!

I am very excited to meet you, and I know this is going to be such an amazing year! Second grade is one of the best, most exciting years and I know you're going to love it! We will do so much growing and learning together this year, and I am excited to be a part of this journey with you and your child! I want your child to love school and be excited about their learning! I believe that your child should take ownership in their learning and that every child learns differently. I also want to create positive memories and a desire to be a lifelong learner! Please watch the attached video to see an example of learning in our classroom!

I also believe in letting children take ownership in their decisions. Within the walls of our classroom students will have choices on how they learn, complete tasks, and demonstrate understanding. As a parent I try to allow my own children choices as well. I know it's hard sometimes to take the backseat and watch, but I believe that I am growing leaders and talking through choices and outcomes is the absolute best way to learn. I hope you will support me in this and you will allow your child some ownership of their decisions both inside and outside of school. That being said, if your child comes to school wearing mismatched clothes or chooses not to brush their hair, I promise not to say a thing! :)


  • Reading Logs- 
    • I am a firm believer in reading starts at home. Research has proven over and over again that students who spend time reading with their family are more successful readers overall. Students will receive a Reading Log to record minutes for each week. The goal is 15 minutes 5 times a week. Students who meet this goal will celebrate by eating lunch in the classroom on Mondays. We call this Lunch Bunch and it is a fun way to build relationships within our classroom! 

  • Writing-
    • We will write EVERY DAY! Students will begin learning to express themselves through writing. We will write creative narratives, informational pieces and explanatory pieces this year. Students may bring home a "Writing Buddy". This is simply a stuffed animal that loves to go on adventures. If your child brings one home, it is NOT an assignment but instead something they have chosen to do. If you have a special trip you are going on they can take a friend with them. Feel free to go as big or little with the writing journal as you want! You can take pictures, color, write, put post cards...the sky is the limit! I am excited to see the adventures our friends will go on! Just remember it is NOT an assignment! 

  • Math
    • Second grade lays a huge foundation for multiplication and division in third grade. Knowing their math facts and skip counting is crucial! Please have students spend 5-10 minutes daily practicing these to help lay a solid foundation for our math skills. 

Things For You To Do!

  1. Visit Parent Resource Page on this website
  2. Complete Volunteer Background Check
  3. Complete Student Survey form
  4. Text me with your name and child's name so I can save your information! 
  5. Email me with any questions you have! 

This site has some great resources for you to check out that we will use in class. It also shows my teaching style and snippets of what our day looks like! I look forward to meeting each of you!


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